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Lifestyle & Nutritional Counseling in Pearl River & Yonkers, New York

Chiropractic treatments work best in an environment of optimum nutrition and reduced stress. That's why Dr. Holt and Dr. Moore provide special health and lifestyle counseling and recommends various supplements, and exercise suitable to the patient's age and ability, to aid in your treatment and recovery.

In between visits to our office, there are many things you can do to keep your body, especially your back, healthy. If this list sounds familiar, well, we've been talking to your mother. And it just so happens she was right!
  1. Sit up straight and develop the habit of good posture. It makes a world of difference in the way your back feels.
  2. Eat your vegetables - a good diet is vital to your overall health. All those nutrients help your body repair itself and keep your weight down. Carrying extra weight puts extra strain on the back.
  3. Turn off the TV and get up and move. Go for a walk or add exercise to your regular routine. When you cannot avoid sitting for long periods, get up and stretch regularly.
  4. Put that down! Don't lift things that are too heavy for you. If you have to do it, lift with your legs, not your back.

Don't carry around a heavy backpack or bag if you can avoid it. Remember, the key is to minimize and only take what you really need.

     5. Go to sleep. Sleep is essential for your wellbeing. But don't sleep on your stomach, which strains the muscles in your neck and back. Practice sleeping on your side or back.
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Customized Stretches & Exercises

As our patient, you'll receive some training during your appointment. This helps you manage your pain and maintain your health at home. Training typically includes stretches, exercise "prescriptions," and relaxation techniques designed to maximize the benefits of your chiropractic treatment.
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