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Chiropractor's Office in Pearl River & Yonkers, New York


Chiropractic Care

At our practice we offer chiropractic care that effectively manages your pain. Some of our treatments include spinal corrections, soft tissue, trigger point work and physical therapy modalities.

About Our Office

Learn about Dr. Brian P. Holt and his many years of professional chiropractic experience. Our chiropractic office was started in 1949 by his father, Dr. Charles Holt, and has offered exceptional services to people just like you ever since.

Nutritional & Lifestyle Tips

Read up on some tips for proper nutrition and lifestyle activities. Keeping you healthy and free from pain year-round is important to every member of our team.
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About Us

Your health is in good hands whether in our Pearl River or our Yonkers Office. Trust in the office team at Holt Chiropractic to give you the relief you've been searching for. Dr. Brian offers more than 39 years of experience and two offices conveniently located in Pearl River and Yonkers. Dr. Moore practices in Yonkers.

Quality Chiropractic Treatments

Whether you come in after an injury, need to manage your pain, or just want a routine correction and checkup, we'll be happy to help. At our office, keeping you happy and healthy is our top priority. Holt Chiropractic has provided safe, state-of-the-art services for many years and we welcome patients from infants to seniors. "No hard sells", we will work for your goals.

Safe & Effective Treatments

Chiropractic care is one of the safest health treatments available. Our doctors have studied extensively to fully understand the body's systems in a program comparable to the study for medical doctors. According to the American Chiropractic Association, more than 30 million people visited a chiropractor's office in the past year, and more and more doctors are referring their patients out to chiropractors.
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